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Write Label is a technology platform for crowdsourcing high-quality short-form creative.

Our story

Write Label was founded in 2015 as a social network for comedy writers. After amassing tens of thousands of members and generating more than 3 million funny lines, we added a professional platform to allow people and businesses to access our brilliant writing talent pool. We now have thousands of creatives, both professionals and those training to become pros, who work tirelessly on behalf of our clients – media companies, agencies and brands – to develop high-quality, original creative content both quickly and cost-effectively.

Our democratized approach to crowdsourcing grants clients access to a diverse range of creators. We match your projects with writers who speak in your audience’s “voice,” so the message resonates.

Our creators

Write Label’s creative talent pool is second to none. We’ve worked for years to develop and nurture some of the best comedic and creative copywriters into the world’s largest writers’ room. Sourced from our proprietary comedy platform and the four corners of the world (wide web), we test, train, and nurture our talent pool so that they can deliver exemplary original content for our clients.

Get to know our creative talent

  • Sue S.

    Sydney, NSW, Australia

    “As a film, TV, and advertising creative, I love the flexibility that Write Label gives me. I can supplement my income between jobs while I continue working on my own projects from home.”

  • Sylvie S.

    Copywriter, Fiction Writer
    Toronto, Canada

    “Write Label is a godsend. It’s an amazing resource that helps me hone my copywriting skills while also letting me make a side income. I caught COVID-19 and had to take time away from my day job; writing for Write Label not only kept me sane, but the money I earned was also instrumental in keeping my finances afloat during a stressful time.”

  • Andrew K.

    Freelance Writer
    Winter Springs, FL

    “Write Label is a great place to hone your copywriting skills and earn good money. As a stay-at-home parent, I appreciate that I can work when I have time on a wide variety of projects.”

  • Lucas L.

    New York City, NY

    “Write Label has given me the opportunity to earn money and practice my profession every day. And I love writing for and discovering different businesses and brands across the U.S.”

  • Elise R.

    Freelance Writer
    Jersey City, NJ

    “I’ve worked as a broadcast news and media writer for many years, and nothing has afforded me the flexibility and fun of Write Label. Writers can finally do what they do best: write!”

  • Kevin B.

    Senior Copywriter
    London, England

    “As an experienced copywriter who has worked on ads for large organizations, I find it refreshing and satisfying to write for small businesses who are the heart of their local community and economy.”

  • Kamila J.

    Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland

    “The variety of clients and requests on Write Label keeps me on my toes. It has really helped me hone my craft by constantly testing my intellectual agility and creative process.”

  • Alex S.

    Brooklyn, New York

    “I really enjoy my role as a freelance copywriter at Write Label. We get to write copy for a broad spectrum of clients in various industries and one of the things I specifically like is the flexibility that it offers. We can work when we want for the client we choose from any location, and I really think that that is an amazing opportunity.”

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The Write Label team

Gideon Stein


Gideon Stein serves as the CEO of Write Label. Previously, he was founder and CEO of LightSail Education before its sale to an international private equity fund. A leader in the national education landscape, Gideon co-founded the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund and serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including New Classrooms, Narrative 4, and Chalkbeat. He is also the President of the Moriah Fund, a foundation dedicated to promoting human rights and social justice. Prior to LightSail, Gideon co-founded and served as President of Future Is Now Schools, and he was Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the enterprise messaging company Omnipod, Inc. (now a division of Symantec). Perhaps most importantly, Gideon is responsible for stocking our break room with pretzels, iced tea, and Schnitzel (his dog).

Jason Albertson

Chief Product Officer

For more than 20 years, Jason has created award-winning experiences for international retailers, life-saving medical facilities, credible sports halls of fame, and tons of Internet ephemera. He brings all of that experience and a user-centric design discipline to his work at Write Label, along with his homemade sourdough bread.

James Donahue

Chief Strategy Officer

An angel investor and environmental activist, James Donahue is dedicated to community building through impactful financing. He oversees our strategic partnerships, focusing on sales and business development. When James isn’t taking care of his newborn son, saving the oceans, or bootstrapping disruptive startups, he can be found indulging in his true passion – touring NYC’s finest dumpling spots.

Vlad Levitsky

Chief Technology Officer

Over the last two decades, Vlad Levitsky held various roles in financial technology before diving into eCommerce. Vlad has previously built teams and managed delivery of high availability and performance software products at WorldCo/PTJP, Citco Fund Services, Dexia Financial Product Services, and Jet.com. In layman’s terms, he’s very good at what he does. Not one to skip a gym day -- our CTO can beat up your CTO.

Nick Pappas

Executive Director of Creative

Nick Pappas is a versatile writer who has contributed to the social media accounts of politicians, Fortune 500 companies, and many celebrities. When he’s not working, he’s working! Nick’s personal writing has been featured on countless prestigious platforms, including CNN, Time.com, The Washington Post, CBSNews.com, Nerdist, Politico, Someecards, and Mashable. A talented comedic voice, Nick previously was one of eight chosen from a field of 1,600 applicants for the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop.

Ashley McCarthy

Director of Client Services

Ashley McCarthy has worked predominantly for startups and typically wears three hats (no, we aren’t talking about his collection of fedoras from 2007). With a breadth of experience in account management, sales, and marketing, Ash is a customer focussed generalist who spells like a Brit. He enjoys the challenges that come with working for growing companies, previously offering his talents to help with digital transformation for blue chip clients (Citi, Merck, Diageo), copywriting, eCommerce, TV production, and digital marketing. Ash studied Law at the University of London, but the only thing he objects to is slacking off.

Jen Lap

Director of Community

A comedy writer with a love of whodunits, Jen Lap is the human embodiment of Netflix. She has performed stand up comedy at the top clubs in NYC, and many of her jokes have been used by brands worldwide, such as Versed, Dermaflash, Briogeo, and Wet Seal. As the Director of Community, Jen recruits our talented, diverse writers and uses her experience to train our writers to meet clients’ needs. Jen has a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and she thinks bad copy is criminal.

Maria Wojciechowski

Director of Editorial

Maria Wojciechowski (or Wojo, as no one here calls her) is a writer, comedian, and faux-influencer. She’s performed in countless comedy festivals, including New York Comedy Festival, HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest, where her scripted podcast was selected for development through Audible’s Pitch Program. As the Director of Editorial, Maria works with clients to understand their creative needs and oversees our writers and editors, ensuring Write Label produces high-quality content. Maria makes her father proud by correcting people’s grammar every day.

Paul Schissler

Co-founder, Project Editor, Comedywire Community Manager

As co-founder and Community Manager of Comedywire, Paul Schissler makes everyone feel welcome on the site. If you join our community site, Comedywire, chances are you’ll receive a personal email from Paul. It’s not a robo-email. It’s actually Paul. Along with encouraging writers, writing jokes, and editing Write Label projects, Paul does stand-up comedy and writes short stories.

Brandon Silva

Lead Front End Engineer

Brandon Silva is the longest-serving member of the engineering team and has been a key creative and technical force on the Write Label team for several years. He’s an avid gamer, but when it comes to front end development, Brandon is not playing.

Stuart Klette

Senior Backend Engineer

Stuart Klette is a DevOps chap with more than a decade of experience developing and delivering software systems. He started his commercial career in the oil commodities industry doing tasks like mapping all of the ships in the world, as well as working on trading systems. He has worked previously as a consultant and now has focused on startups over the last six years. Write Label is happy to have him and his giant map of ships!

Patrick McGrail

Senior Frontend Engineer

As a software engineer, Patrick McGrail has helped lead the effort to develop Write Label’s video production capabilities and strives to create compelling user experiences using clean code. Pass the Purell! In addition to being a software engineering whiz, he is a dog enthusiast, a mediocre guitarist, and an amateur-level Olympic weightlifter.

Joe Foti

Front End Engineer

Joseph Foti is a Front End Web Developer who dabbles in Graphic Design and Photography. Joe grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City but has also lived in Florence, Italy, and Cleveland, Ohio (The Florence, Italy, of Ohio). Joe is an avid traveler, story junkie, gamer, bassist, avid binge-watcher, and Survivalist. Sorry, typo: Avid binge-watcher of the TV show, Survivor.

Jenny Donheiser

Sales Account Manager

Jenny Donheiser is the Sales Account Manager at Write Label and a writer/actor/producer. She has over five years of experience in Account Management, and at Write Label, she supports clients and aids sales and business development. Her video and sketch work has been featured on Vulture, Glamour, Refinery29, Splitsider, Vimeo Staff Picks, and more. Jenny is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied Drama at the Atlantic Acting School, but she leaves the drama on the stage. Jenny is a pleasure to work with!

Carlos Delgado

Project Editor

Carlos Delgado is a bilingual fantasy and sci-fi writer. As a part of Write Label, he edits a variety of projects, including translations, original TV and radio commercials, and social media campaigns, in both English and Spanish. His comedic writing has been featured on Comedy Central, RT America, Nerdist, and Mitu. When not at work, Carlos can be found locked in his room, working on short stories involving wizards, robots, and cats named Jose.

Mariana Trevino-Stafford

Sales Account Manager

Mariana Trevino-Stafford is a marketing strategist and multidisciplinary producer who offers her expertise to the Write Label Account Management team. Mariana began her career in Mexico in 2009, before traveling overseas to get a master's degree. She has worked abroad in Spain, South Africa, and now the United States, and gained marketing experience working with top brands such as IKEA, Kellogg's, Jose Cuervo, and FIFA, receiving a Cannes Lions Award in 2011. Mariana loves her dog, scary movies, and enjoying a nice cocktail -- but please, no tequila.

Pamela Ross

Project Editor

As a Project Editor at Write Label, Pamela Ross makes sure that writer submissions are accurate, style-compliant, and above all, compelling. She's a comedian and writer whose work has been featured on Vice, Buzzfeed, SiriusXM, McSweeney’s, and Someecards, and she’s performed stand up at festivals like Limestone, HBO's Women in Comedy, and Out of Bounds. Pamela holds a BA in English from Bates College and an MS in Advertising from Boston University's College of Communication. Her cat can be seen interrupting Zoom calls.

Mar Brito De Leon

Spanish Project Editor

A valued member of Write Label's editorial team, Mar Brito De Leon recruits, trains, and manages writers for our Hispanic markets. With 17 years of experience as a creative, she has worked with various advertising agencies, serving clients such as Unilever, Danone, Beiersdorf, Bimbo Group, Huawei, BBVA, Mead Johnson, Diageo, Nissan, and Mondelez, among many others in Mexico City. Mar is the mother of two teenagers, two dogs, and one cat. She loves tattoos and is fully prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

Zenobia Harris

Project Editor

Zenobia Harris began her career at Write Label as a copywriter before joining the Creative team as an editor. A graduate of Valdosta State University (Go Blazers!) with a B.F.A. in Mass Media, she has worked as a freelance content creator, writing SEO-friendly blog articles, social media posts, web copy, and more. In her free time, Zenobia enjoys painting, creative writing, drawing, baking, binge-watching her favorite comedies, and hanging out with her dog and two cats -- who love her, she swears.

Arliss Coates

Sales Account Associate

Arliss Coates is a multi-faceted sales account associate at Write Label. When he’s not busy keeping clients happy, he can be found working on data-focused initiatives for the client services team. Prior to Write Label, Arliss was a lead research analyst at a prominent digital marketing and digital transformation consultancy before putting himself through the NYC Data Science Academy. He enjoys reading bad historical fiction and watching terrible (and we mean terrible) movies.

Paul Ogunmefun

Sales Representative

Paul Ogunmefun is a results-oriented sales account executive. He values the trust clients place in him and strives to exceed their expectations every day. Paul brings a logical and systematic approach to managing accounts, leading to an increase in sales, and has been praised by strangers on the Internet as a “kind, respectful, smart” person who represents Write Label “super duper well.” Paul enjoys teaching Financial Literacy and planning his next adventure with his wife and kids.

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