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Using Write Label, Kikkerland re-wrote hundreds of product descriptions and drove more engagement

WriteLabel provided content writing experts for Kikkerland

The Challenge

Kikkerland, an e-commerce company, needed to rewrite product descriptions for 1,000+ different unique and clever gift products.

The Solution

Write Label developed a customized brief with a single input (a link to the existing product on the client’s website) to streamline the product description writing process.

All additional information regarding the product descriptions was messaged to the writers through hardwired inputs in the brief, further simplifying the project posting process.

The Result

Write Label created more than 300 unique and creative product descriptions to help the company reinvigorate its core offerings and refresh the presentation of its top-performing SKUs.

Now Kikkerland can A/B test which descriptions garner better click-and-sell-through rates, ultimately improving sales and their customers' experience with their products.

“This is such an important tool to win business. It shows the client we have a creative team working for them and we can take that burden off the client’s shoulders. The ads are super creative and we are getting nothing but positive feedback from clients.”

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“She’s an old client with a new business. We went through all the scripts together and came up with a new commercial. She ended up increasing her ad buy!”


“It is so rewarding to me to have a resource that’s such an asset to our teams. Everyone is always so energized by the possibilities that Write Label offers.”


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