Case Studies: Radio

How Write Label helped iHeartMedia centralize creative services for 149 markets and close millions of dollars in new revenue

WriteLabel freelance copywriter client: iHeart Media

The Challenge

iHeartMedia, the largest radio network in the US, wanted to keep existing advertisers happy and generate crucial new business during Covid-19.

The Solution

iHeartMedia deployed Write Label’s solution to more than 1,500 account executives across nearly 150 of their regional markets.

1,500+- Account Executives
149- Regional Markets
15,000+- Script Projects

Script Projects

After Write Label trained 1,500+ Account Executives on how to best use original creative during the sales process to drive revenue, iHeart created 15,000+ Write Label Projects between February 2020 and December 2021. Each project was completed within hours and produced at least five production-ready scripts. Introduced into the sales process, these scripts had a direct and meaningful impact on revenue.

The Result

ROI to 32:1

iHeart closed on nearly $47 million of new, incremental, and renewal ad revenue, all directly attributed to Write Label – for a total cost of just over $1.4 million. That’s an ROI of more than 32 to 1 in less than 24 months. This allowed iHeart to distribute their creative services to an army of talented copywriters, resulting in fast, cost-effective, and diverse creative for their 90,000+ clients.

“This is such an important tool to win business. It shows the client we have a creative team working for them and we can take that burden off the client’s shoulders. The ads are super creative and we are getting nothing but positive feedback from clients”

iHeart Radio

“It is so rewarding to me to have a resource that’s such an asset to our teams. Everyone is always so energized by the possibilities that Write Label offers.”


“She’s an old client with a new business. We went through all of the scripts together and came up with a new commercial. She ended up increasing her ad buy!”


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