Frequently Asked Questions

What is Write Label?

Write Label is an online platform that provides custom creative content on demand. Sales teams, agencies and brands use Write Label to get the best scripts, lines, ideas, and content to help them sell more and add wit and originality to their messaging.

How does it work?

We design a custom dashboard, branded specifically for your company, and customized creative briefs, that allow you and your team members to create projects to send to our writers and then receive customized content – all in one convenient place.

Who are your writers?

Our writers come from everywhere. We have writers from all across the United States and around the world. Most writers take assessments to apply to write for us, while others are handpicked from Comedywire, our free community site.

How do you reward/pay your writers?

We have a variety of payment structures, all of which follow the general rule of if you “Favorite” a writer’s submission, they get paid for that idea.

Who owns the content produced on Write Label?

You own all of the content submitted through Write Label that you “Favorite.”

What can I use this for?

All types of short form copy. Radio and TV ad sales teams use Write Label to create original scripts to present to their clients. Greeting card companies use Write Label to generate copy for new cards. And creative agencies use our services for brainstorming and ideation. The possibilities are endless.

Can I use Write Label for potential clients?

Yes! We have found that a lot of our clients have been extremely successful securing new business with the ideas they’ve gotten through Write Label. In fact, it’s kind of what we’re known for.

How do I sign up?

Contact us. We will work with you to design a suite of products and a plan that fits your organization’s needs. And, we promise to do it quickly and cost effectively.

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